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Stuff that happened

Morag McDougal
16 June

Name: Morag McDougal
Age: 17
Gender: male
School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Ravenclaw i'm in ravenclaw!
Year: 7th
Wand: 10 3/4 inches, ash, phoenix feather
Status: Pureblood


Height 5"8, Weight 132 lbs. Light brown, rather straight hair, cropped to medium shortness. His bangs sometimes fall into his eyes, which are of a lively hazel color. He’s got a stubby nose and a small mouth with fairly even teeth. When he smiles openly, which seldom happens, they rather improve his features.

Morag is of slight built, tends towards lankiness. He tans easily once he submits himself to the great outdoors. He knows that he's not hideous looking, holds himself proudly and his stride is self-assured.


Morag is a pure-blood wizard of Scottish origin. His parents own a bookshop in Edinburgh, a business which doesn't bring much of a profit. In consequence, the McDougals are rather tight on money. Morag has an older sister, Eleanor, who already graduated from Hogwarts a couple of years ago (contemporary of Bill Weasley).

Yes, Morag is quite aware that his name is usually given to females, thanks for asking. After his much-loved grandmother died of a long illness, Morag's parents vowed to name their next child after her. However, they didn't take into account that it might turn out to be a boy. He hasn't quite forgiven them yet.

The McDougals are pretty close as a family, but since the wizarding community is rather scarce around his area of living, Morag didn't have many other children to play with when he was a kid. As a result, he learned to be content with his own company, and has been something of a loner ever since, even in his Hogwarts school days.


Morag is neither outgoing nor forthcoming, so on first glance many people get the feeling that he is a grump. Morag wouldn't necessarily deny that. He doesn't go out looking for friends, and as such, he comes over as being unsocial. Far from the truth; once Morag considers you a friend, he will be quite enjoyable company and loyal to the death.

He believes that if you don't have something worthwhile to say, you should better keep your mouth shut.

Despite being a Ravenclaw, Morag is not the most zealous of people, in fact, you might call him a rather lazy git. He considers studying a necessary evil; the only subject he thoroughly enjoys is Charms, as he has a natural knack for memorizing and mastering them. Still, he is careful enough in his studies to always come out among the upper third in his class in exams, mainly because he feels he owes it to his parents, who work very hard to enable their son the same life-style the other Hogwarts students have.

Morag enjoys reading a lot, and can spend hours on end in the Hogwarts library, or outside with a couple of books under a tree if the weather allows it. He loves food, but is still young enough for not having to worry about his weight. Though he has a lot of respect for bigger animals, small ones don't bother him, and he's rather fond of cats. He loves the sea, and delights in swimming.

He doesn't like crowds, show-offs, wasting of money. Having to ask for help. The skin that forms on hot milk. Insult his family and you'll never in your life get on his good side again.

Morag has never had a serious relationship, neither platonic nor sexual, as of now. Call him a late bloomer if you will.


Morag is a fictional character, as seen by blithesea. For visual stimulation I chose pictures of Daniel Bruehl, no copyright infringement intended. Created for the disapparate rpg.